Digital Products

Nurses and Doctors in Hospitals especially Corona Isolation Wards with respect to current scenario. This nursing robot has been designed specifically to interact with patients via Video/Audio conferencing, check patients temperature, deliver food / medications. Our Robot is operated through Bluetooth which can be upgraded to RF transceiver up to range of 300m-500m.


Interaction with patients through Video / Audio conferencing

Infrared Thermometer to check patients temperature

32 patients temperature data can be recorded & retrieved

Three trays provided to deliver Food / Medications to patients

Sanitizing liquid dispenser for nurses and patients

Person can operate the robot via Smartphone

The robot V2-UV is aimed at introduction of automation in the field of fumigation or disinfecting any indoor areas such as hospitals, offices and homes by killing COVID-19 viruses.

This robot was built to introduce technology for fumigation workers to avoid getting exposed to COVID - 19 viruses while fumigating indoor areas.

Key Highlights

UV-C Light of 254 nm wavelength proven to effectively kill 99.9% pathogens

Emergency stop of UV emission using sensors to detect human presence

Camera with Wireless control up to 300m without human interference

Disinfecting time minimal with UV Lights facing one direction of the room all the time

The Hand Sanitizer to conduct COVID-19 Sanitizing Hands of people entering offices, IT complex, theatres or any public places were large crowd gather.

Key Highlights

Automatic Sanitizer dispensing for people to clean their hands

Audio response to welcome people and guide for Sanitizing their hands

PETRA WHEELCHAIR’ is our new initiative to assist Nurses and support mobility challenged people especially in Corona Isolation Wards. The Wheelchair is user friendly and doesn’t require any external assistant. Our Wheelchair is operated through Bluetooth technology and joystick control which is economically affordable and battery driven.

Key Highlights

Two in one controller

Smartphone control system

Joy stick control system

Internet free

Battery Operated (Solar Charged)

To enable the patients to help themselves in communicating with nurses available in the nursing station regarding the clarification of any procedures or symptoms during their high risk treatment. This helps in reducing the spread of contamination.

To enable the nurses to help the patients by giving counselling with the wireless communication system .This helps to maintain isolation hence to protect nurses from contagious diseases.

Key Highlights

Master receiving base station in nursing station

Channel switching network for decoding the audio signal

Alarm system to indicate the nurse, the detail of room number

Triggering unit to enable and get acknowledgment by the patient for interaction

Wireless audio control unit for each patient

Microphone on both transmission and receiving section